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Lesley Towart - Sculpture  

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Artist's Profile
I live in Granity where the wild and beautiful West Coast environment is a rich source of inspiration for me. I am drawn to the beauty of the flotsam washed ashore by the sea; driftwood, stones, metal, glass and bone; their surfaces worn and transformed. The bush yields relics of the past and these scarred artifacts also inspire and inform my work; concrete steps, mossy and crumbling; ancient rusted machinery with studded joints and eroded surfaces patinated by constant exposure to the elements.

The direction and development of my work is influenced by my travels in Asia. The spiritual rituals of different cultures cause me to examine my own beliefs, and are a catalyst for self insight and creative exploration.

In my latest body of work I use a white stoneware clay with a slightly coarse texture which makes it suitable for hand building and slab work. I combine this clay with a paper slurry which then allows me to roll flat slabs which will not warp or crack when fired. I experiment with surface texture by scratching, impressing and carving to create cracks and fissures in the clay. These echo the changes created by the forces of nature and the passage of time.

I love colour and texture and this passion draws me to constant experimentation with new glazes. I enjoy the ongoing experimentation that yields results suitable for my time-worn surfaces.

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This site started out as an effort to provide ceramic artists in Christchurch, New Zealand with an outlet for their work after the devastating earthquake that essentially destroyed the business district, and much of urban Christchurch in 2010. After suffering the loss of their physical outlets in the earthquakes some of these studio artists formed the Cracked Pots Society and launched this website which gives the public a chance to again see and buy their work.

Since that time ceramic artists have found new ways to display and sell their work. In 2015 NZ Potters took over the site and offerred it as a free service to members in New Zealand.

ceramicsonline.co.nz has now been handed over to Lawrence Ewing who hopes to further develop the site and offer it to all potters and ceramic artists in New Zealand.

Contact - Lawrence Ewing,
email: lawrenceewing8@gmail.com,
ph: 03 973 5997